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  • Two team members collaborating in front of a computer screen

    How to Make Offshore/Outsourced Development Successful

    The Need Has your company ever been required to complete another software project on top of ongoing work? Most organizations eventually have to complete an additional software project without disrupting their internal software development team’s work. Sometimes this just means simple staff augmentation with contractors. But other times this requires an entire external team to…

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  • Two men looking at a computer screen and collaborating on a software development project.

    How an Application Programming Model Can Transform Software Development

    Do you have an Application Programming Model? If you have an application programming model, your answer is probably a resounding “Yes!” If you don’t have an application programming model, you’re probably wondering “What is it? And why is everyone so excited about it?” In this post, we’ll go over exactly what an application programming model…

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  • Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish!

    The Real Cost of a Software Project What is the most expensive part of producing a Software System or even releasing a single feature into Production?  Is it in the infrastructure costs? In reality those tend to be a very small fraction of the overall cost of a software project. The obvious answer is no…

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  • The Root Cause of the Death March

    When I ask the question “has anyone heard of a Death March” at developer conferences and meetups, I’m always surprised that the overwhelming majority raise their hands immediately. It’s as if they’ve all experienced this pain for themselves and are looking for a sympathetic ear.  As I’ve posted previously defines a “Death March” as…

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  • One Catastrophic Mistake to Avoid During Software Development

    This is the 3rd post in the series highlighting the 3 Common Software Design and Development Mistakes That Cause Teams to Fail.  This is the title of my e-book and in this post, we will talk about the one mistake that can literally be the difference between success for an organization, or virtual bankruptcy. Big…

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  • Why I Speak at Industry Events

    I hesitated for most of my career to begin speaking at conferences, conventions, and meetups.  The primary reason was centered around my belief that I still needed to learn more.  Operating with a continuous pursuit of improvement lead me to the feeling that I’m a work in progress and therefore not yet ready. 

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