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Get trained and release high-quality software most efficiently.

Accelerate Team Velocity

Eliminate Costly Bugs and Delays

Maximize Total Cost of Ownership

Does your software development team struggle with these problems?

Inconsistent team velocity and Sprint carry-over

Bugs fix Sprints or Production Support

Costly time-consuming refactoring and rework

Your team deserves to learn a high-velocity development approach that gets the results you want.

Premier Software Systems is here to help.

We’re here to help!

At Premier Software Systems, we know what it feels like to work on a team that is frustrated and unproductive. Years ago, we suffered from flaws in our approach to software development. We just thought that it was normal and the way it would always be. But once we learned how to practice software development as an engineering discipline, everything changed for the better.
We can show you how.

Discover how basic engineering principles can dramatically improve your development process.

Build high quality software making your users happy and more productive 

Maximize team velocity

Complete back-to-back Sprints on time

Create consistency and repeatability throughout the organization



How It Works

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Learn how to apply engineering principles through our training clinic.

Maximize Success

Become an industry leader and bring order to the chaos.

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3 Common Software Design and Development Mistakes that Cause Teams to Fail (and how to avoid them)

  • Discover a few avoidable flaws that sabotage most teams
  • Learn how to maximize productivity, stability, and quality
  • Take steps to become a high-performing development team

Imagine what it would feel like to efficiently deliver bug-free software in back-to-back projects.
We can help you get there!