Our software architecture and development consulting engagements are effective and very transformational. Highly influenced by the IDesign Methodâ„¢, we leverage over two decades of industry proven and battle tested techniques that are based on solid engineering principles. We provide a comprehensive set of architecture diagrams, the blueprints for your system, that are designed to embrace change. Today, requirements tend to change continuously which is why we focus our design approach on encapsulating areas of change and avoiding the ripple-effect of rework across your system.

Starting with requirements analysis, then system design, development plan design, and finally system construction, we guide you through the entire process.  We lead your project and team members through the steps necessary to build loosely coupled components that are rock SOLID, testable, extensible, and reusable.  We encourage a “zero tolerance for defects” mindset and demonstrate how to achieve high quality software through the spiral of testing.

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